Mentoring Series

Blanket of Peace

Each part of love is like a piece of yarn that makes a blanket. Underneath that blanket, we are warm, we are comforted. We are held secure. The God of Love is with us as we do OUR PART to create a pattern of love that keeps out strife. Which piece does your string represent?”

When I shared this message with my church, we had pieces of different colored yarn on all the chairs in the sanctuary. I told them “you have a piece because you are a piece of the fabric that’s being made! -Of the love pattern.” I felt strongly that God told me to tell them they are included in this pattern of the way He wants things to function. (1 Cor. 13) He said His love does not fail. We used pieces of yarn as a visual aid to symbolize peace and comfort on our families. It has to do with love and a blanket being made by God; not of human hands. Everyone had a piece. Even people out in the foyer, the kids in the back, and the workers upstairs were given the yarn and the message. Several special ladies provided the yarn, making sure to have the pieces ready and they were so excited about what it meant. Then I had our congregation declare a simple declaration: “I’m apart of God’s pattern. His love defeats strife.” Finally, we prayed about it together. (See below)

Courage Question: How many of you are in need of spiritual peace today??

Courage Quotes: A pattern may have some patience then kindness and then endurance and faith then some hope and back to the patience thing. It ends up being a beautiful thing that blankets and brings comfort. To a marriage. To a church. To ourselves. To our work environments. To our family!

Strife. Deplete it. Dilute it. Destroy it. Defeat it.

Pray this: “God we pray together for patterns of love and peace to happen in us and in our church and community, that stop strife. As we go out this week and share what we have with people and we talk about (Easter or any holiday set aside to honor Christ and our family), or invite them to the House of Worship- blanket our lives with Your Presence. In the place of destructive behaviors, let there begin a commitment to growing Your definition of what love is. AMEN!!”

*Clothed Powerfully will be our 4rth week on this subject. Then we’ll close it out with our last and final part of this series titled Succeeding Spirit! Hope you’ll join us in extending this powerful and life changing kind of love.

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