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No longer hiding.

Hey at some point you need to stop being hidden.

Well what I mean is, if you’re wanting to make an impact on this earth while you are here, with the people who are still alive at this point in time… you will need to stop staying so concealed. You’ll need to be: Less Secretive. Less out of sight and out of mind.

What are you avoiding? What are you preserving? Maybe you’re avoiding one thing. Or everything. Maybe you’re avoiding an individual. Or every individual, group, environment, activity. Possibly, you and I are trying to preserve ourselves; We all do it to a certain degree and for good reasons at times. But at other times it isn’t for any good reason at all. Steering clear of all chances that could lead to failure, will make us lose our opportunity when the big moments happen. If we never practice putting ourselves out there- how are we going to “split the Red Sea”?!! If we are not there and not showing up where we know we are suppose to be, what are our chances of getting to say and do something absolutely wonderful? Zero. Hooping and hollering, tears of joy and hallelujahs? Zilch. Congrats or celebrations? None. No extraordinary happenings. SAD. SAD. SO SAD.

But wait. What if. What if we place ourselves in God’s river where the Spirit of life takes us to our places… Any excitement? Plenty. I can even feel my heart rate elevating now. Any flutters and jitters? Of course. Moses’ mother hid him until she could no longer keep him hidden. Exodus 2:3.

At some point, you’ll be carried and caught by destiny! To do this, you’ve got to come out of hiding. Moses eventually had to be carried by the river. In his helpless state of being.

Where will life’s river carry you? Is your heart racing yet? Where will you find yourself?

Maybe that’s the grand issue. You don’t know. And I do not know. Yes there will be times we miss it. But it seems that certain things turned out greater for Moses than his grand issues. He was caught by the rest of God’s plan. Even when he did not step into it fully, the plan was still there before him to do the greater. He had his moments. He chose to step back or step forward in them.

Courage Question: What’s your usual route? Are you willing to step outside of it?

Courage Quote: Getting out of our “container life” or box life, is being un-hidden!

Prayer Point: Dear God, You’ve helped me to get free and be free of what most people get weighed down by! I’m no longer hiding from telling others about the strongholds I had. If struggles hit my life, I open up to others about them with the platforms You have put before me. When I read what Your Spirit inspired in the Bible, I realize the disciples were asked to do some things that could have embarrassed them, made them feel unaccepted in society, and very well could’ve caused them to feel extremely vulnerable, isolated or even crazy at times! But I also see the awesome way Jesus shared who HE was with them. And that is worth it to me. To have Him as my Savior and main Mentor is what I love about Christianity….

Declaration: I am no longer going to hide everything I have been through or go through.

*How about we do a little more on this subject. Meet ya back here soon!!!

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