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Dear Reader…

Maybe you are reading here today to get truth into your soul for some part of life that is needing direction. I start my weekly blog email list with Dear Reader. Because to me, it’s intimate. These are the people who are with me in appreciating truth. They’re the ones who sign up to get my regular weekly messages rolling around within that has got to get out! I’ve had a burning desire to write since I found writing utensils. Ever since a pencil was put in my hand and guided along as letters were formed on the paper in front of me. I loved it. The shapes turned into messages and that is still powerful to me! From the time I was very young, it has been a sort of quiet but way to communicate and open my life. Reading is just as powerful.

I am thinking about writers and readers all over the place who are doing the work of getting messages out. Writers are delivering vital forms of information to those who are searching, pondering, and living in the imbalance of what “normal” is often like. Readers are taking in. They’re poising themselves for learning and stretching, knowing there is energy in the art of drawing from wisdom. And then applying per what the author has put into it- time, attention, and hard work, to bring people into this great co-mission. Both writer and reader has a job to do in appreciating the culmination of words, their purposes, and the ideas and impact that stem from them.

I want to offer some of you a chance to make an impact and would like to give opportunities for you to see yourself in the light of serving differently. Here is my personal number if you should need to begin the process. 251-895-0463. Text me this sentence: I want to make an impact.

Next, I want to invite you to follow if you aren’t. Simply go to and a box will pop up that you can click on (if you’re reading from an app, this may not appear.) It says: Want updates and a free declaration? That is the initial connection. Then there will be info within the Thursday email as to ways you can be involved in getting truth out to this world! And here are a few examples of my personal notes to you as a reader…

Have you been moved by Jesus’ teachings to the point of motivating and moving others? How has He been changing your life and has that change been introduce-able? In recent months, I’ve taken a close look at certain connections and things that have done me in over time. I have been making great strides to change them for the betterment of all the compartments that make me a human. Can you be open about your own burnout? It’s time to do something for yourself. You can make progress!
Who has been a guiding factor along with your daily prayers for answers?! I shared in the recent post about a personal touch our Doctor had in our times of suffering. I can look back now and know that so many times, things turned around. Peace came flooding back.  Are you needing some kind of help? Lazarus was once in dyer need. He was wrapped in grave clothes but his life was not yet over!!! Look to your Hope and Help today. He is ready to help you and heal you. It’s your turn.
Did you know that you’re a human lifeline designed to support movement and change? You make it easier to lift what is heavy for someone else around you. That is exactly what mentors do. They create a system of help that makes a difference. They pull in specific people that know how to navigate through tough or unique situations. -Have you been singing in your car? Have you also been quietly worshiping with your life? Worship is instrumental in getting us into a position to be 100% aiming in the right direction! Let’s believe we are going to live again and win again, not just for ourselves but with other people! Let’s help them find out how they can serve the One who’s given them life.

Courage Question: Dear Reader, how are you making an impact for God in somebody else’s life?

Courage Quote: It is extremely difficult to make progress if you don’t do something that is proven to work.

And Dear Reader! Join me next week in something I’ve never shared before about no longer hiding.

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