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Some of us have been at a place that we know we aren’t seeing what we need to see. We’ve had to learn to listen in the Spirit. We’ve had to wait for Jesus to come closer.

Blind Bartimaeus was use to the begging kind of life. He was not yet able to follow in example of Jesus, the One who came not to be served but to serve, as it says in Mark 10:45 just above the story of Bartimaeus. Because of the blind man’s condition, he was having to be served. Maybe we are unable to see due to injury, disease, or a congenital condition. Maybe we are lacking perception, awareness, or discernment. Deprived of understanding, impaired or hindered from light. Unwilling to perceive or prevented from seeing. Blindness is a lack of vision. A loss of sight. This message is about receiving new sight and getting new vision.

We often think Jesus hears certain types of people, certain types of titled individuals, certain types of better, more versed, more holy people than us. But Bart was blind. AND a beggar. And Jesus heard him. Jesus hears faith and sees courage no matter what package you come in!

Bart could not see but thank God he could hear. He could have kept quiet. I’m sure many days he did. But he was wanting more out of his life! TODAY HE DECIDED TO CRY OUT FOR IT. He chose to change something; He lifted his voice so that Jesus could hear his cry for help.

Courage Questions: In what way were you blind? Are you blind in some way now?

Courage Quote: When we are honest and act in humility, we will hear His affirming voice.

Further Study- Matt. 3:13-17 explains what happened when Jesus humbly let John baptize Him. Jesus is always example…always meant to be part of our equation. He wasn’t a one man show; He included others. An act of humility is part of the equation for change. Letting someone else know that we’re in need. Letting a very hard reality be exposed to someone else.

***This series will continue next week! We’ll meet ya back here soon. Thank you for taking the time to be with us on this platform where we speak into lives from here to the world.

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