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More Than Milk

Let’s put our “hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Tim. 6:17

Milk isn’t all there is! “Everything” is all there is. As Christians, we can have the more. But so often, we choose much less than we could have. We don’t want to be stingy and we sure don’t want to appear greedy, so we just stick with fluids. Liquids. And…pacifiers.

Anytime I see a baby with a bottle, a pacifier is almost always also within reach. They’re enjoying life right now but wait until they find out meat, veggies, bread, juice, and sweets exist! They want more when they know that more is available! Well, I’m telling you more is available. Take the meat of the Word today. Let’s consume more than milk. Let’s not pick out the veggies and put them to the side. Get all of it, even the fat and the sweet.

Let’s not regress into the death sentence of Satan where we forfeit our callings and live in complacency…where we waste away from sin, envy, strife, hate, hopelessness, and unbelief. But grab onto the sentence of life to full. We are not here just to pacify time. You’re here to magnify not pacify.

  • Courage Quote: We’re here to enjoy our time as we live in agreement with our God.
  • Courage Question: What’s “the more than milk” in your life?

In mine and my husband’s, it’s an airplane. I know you just pictured a little chunky monkey kid swooping their cute little stiff hand in the air and back around. But I am talking about a real (My husband is a preacher and a pilot) plane. In the sky. Going someplace. Further than where we have been. Taking a clear message of the gospel to other places. Believing for Life Change in other communities, countries, and congregations. I believe it’s going to happen. I believe it’s totally available with God. All the things are. Possibilities. Way more than milk.

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