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Healing the soul…

In her Devotional book Healing the Soul of a Woman, Joyce gives us 90 Inspirations for Overcoming Emotional Wounds. This is a huge topic of interest for a wide scope of both men and women. I recommend it to anyone suffering from emotional trauma from the simplest form to the hardest case. Joyce’s life message has come from such wounds. But she did not stop there. Her life continues to be an incredibly bold guide for those needing freedom.

“When we think with our human minds, we can come up with many reasons certain things may not be possible for us…but God’s abilities are not like our abilities. When we put our trust in Him, another world opens up to us, a world of possibilities we would have never thought could exist, given our natural abilities. His abilities are unlimited!”

“Our inner life- our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and willful choices- are part of the soul… we need to submit our will to God to find rest for our souls.” Joyce brings an incredible understanding of deep hurt and deep hope. She tells us that a healthy, well-functioning soul is available for every person! Even those who are brokenhearted. She shares that these people are broken in their personality. They are unable to function properly because of their wounds. Here is good news today: “Even if your life has produced bad fruit in the past, you can produce good fruit from now on as the Holy Spirit leads you and helps you.” Joyce says the best way she knows to enjoy each day is to commit to being good to all people everywhere you go.”

Best advice from the book: “Although change isn’t easy and is often painful, we have only two choices- to endure the pain of change or to endure the pain of never changing. It is easy to see which choice makes the most sense. If there will be pain either way, why not choose the pain of progress?” Joyce leads us through the trauma, abusive behaviors from others, and into a brave new beginning full of God’s provision and purposes. You will learn what things God has in His plan for you and “how to access them.”

“A healthy soul is a soul at peace and at rest. It isn’t upset, worried, angry, ashamed, or fearful. It is strong and steady, full of love, joy, hope, compassion toward others, and confidence in God.” If you are not there yet, then I would encourage you to get this book. I believe God has wonderful things in store for each of us. Isaiah 40:29 empowers us with these words: “He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.”

Finally, “People who will only stay in relationship with you if they are allowed to control you don’t really love you.” Don’t be afraid to confront cruel and disrespectful people. Here is a declaration from Joyce that can be life-changing for you today: “I am determined, with God’s help, to have a healthy soul, and I am committed to do what it takes to get one.” Joyce Meyer is known all over the world and she believes that “everything God does is rooted in love.” Do you also believe that? I know I do! “The pain won’t last forever…God never wants us to stay in pain.” The Word of God will heal the soul. “You have many victories that are on their way to you, so don’t give up.” “He transforms us in such a way that we become strong in the place we were once weak and gives us the ability to help others because of the way He has helped us.” See, I need strength just like anybody else does today. I’m not exempt from pain. But I know my Redeemer lives and I’ll stand with Him on that day and in this day too.

“It is never too late for God to repair a life that seems damaged beyond repair.” This book review has been written on behalf of First Words/Faith Words Publishing. Sincere thanks to all who engaged in this topic with us! I know it can bring release to your soul and new life to your whole being.

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