Mentoring,  Obedience

Mirandized Unto Him!

(I have rights. You have rights. And in God- we have rights and commands…. Jesus’ disciples were threatened, beaten, mistreated, and imprisoned. At times, it seemed their rights weren’t considered but God found a way as He always does, to keep them full of purpose. As modern day disciples, I believe we can decide: Unto Him I am “mirandized.” Scriptures to study: Psalm 57:2, Matthew 28:18-20, Col. 3:16, Psalm 46:10, Jude 1:24, John 16:13.)

*We have the right to be still. I don’t have to say a word in certain situations. All I need to do is live the part. When I know that He is God, I can be still and quiet as needed, because He’s in charge. Once I asked Him into my life, I put Him first. Now He is leading me; I’m not leading myself.

*Our words can and will be used against us. I’ve had my words picked apart. My words have been doomed if I do them and doomed if I don’t do them. I’ve had people mad because I called to check on them and mad because I didn’t call to check on them. But my words matter; I must choose them carefully. Life and death are at stake. Either can be cultivated.

*We have the right to an attorney. If I “wish to remain silent”, or “if I state that I want an attorney”, the interrogation must cease. Until an attorney is present. This is so cool. Even when I’ve done good and deal with interrogation, choosing my right to be silent, causes the intense questioning and examinations to halt. My attorney will represent me. He’ll give answers when I don’t have any.

*An attorney will be provided for us. I don’t have to afford this Advocate that has been provided for me. He’s been appointed to me! My Holy Spirit help is always present to defend me, convict me, teach, counsel, and protect. In this life and at the end, I’ll stand trial but I won’t be alone.

*Do we have understanding of the rights and commands that are read to us? With them in mind, do we wish to now speak? I’ve gained an understanding of God’s Words through people who are anointed to preach them. My faith has come from hearing and reading His powerful truths. My desire is that I lead people in the Way I am choosing to go and that I speak boldly when I am called on to do so. From here to the world.

It’s such a challenge when we want to move but are told to be still. When we feel the urge to holler out but are quieted down. When we want to take action but it would be better to do nothing. It’s so hard to remain silent when you know things. It’s extremely difficult to remain silent when being treated wrong. And it’s the most humbling thing to remain silent when you have plenty to say. But when God tells us to be still and know that He is God- that is the time to let Him be the voice in our silence. Maybe He has told you to speak up in other situations but lately, there is an area you know you’re to remain quiet in. Be mirandized unto Him. Let all that you do -whatever wholehearted work it is, in word and in deed- be done for Him and unto Him.


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