Courage,  Endurance


Recently as I grimaced while working my shoulder out at the gym, a man walks by and says: “Don’t hurt yourself now.” I didn’t have to think. My response: “Oh I’m already hurt. I’m here to heal.” Relatably, he says: “I know how that feels.” For three years, I’ve endured a pain in my shoulder that never existed before. The tremendous stiffining pain took my attention. It distracted me from listening intently to people. I heard them but I almost always was in another land. Full of agony. God is meeting me each time I’ve been and am in my place of pain. Instead of backing away from faithfulness, He’s always steered me toward greater faithfulness. I’ve heard preachers say: “Do it scared.” I’m adding a new phrase:


I talk out loud when I wake up and when I pull up to the gym. I say: “Healing come! Healing from top to toe. From head to heart to feet. From mind to body and every part of me. Healing come.” Maybe that’s you as you’re making your way through a major illness or deep and damaging hurt. We’ve been healed time and time again. What’s hard is to act and talk like healed people before we feel healed. When I had a similar issue with my foot, I’d say to my husband even while limping around the house: “Hey you know that problem I use to have with my foot?” And I would giggle a little bit because I believed it would be a past problem when I got to my present promise. Now. Before our future ever arrives, we have a present promise. Of healing. That problem with my ankle and foot lasted about two years and it was such a pain that I had a hard time walking or running or doing things around my house. I felt 30 years older than my actual age. It interrupted my sleep. It caused tension in my family, and it made me a mean person some days. Things were so much harder to accomplish. But now, I do not have that same problem. It’s a reality!!

I’ve learned that being faithful changes our space to a healing place. And vice versa. We walk into church where we hurt and while we hurt, and we turn it into a spot to heal. The place where we spiritually open up for God to heal us could be a corner of a room in the night at our house, a walking path in community, or at a little table outside of a restaurant. It becomes a new beginning to be a healed and faithful person. It gives us the chance at an opportunity that’s been waiting. It is a little land of comforting hope. We can describe it as a place our Shepherd is in, a place our purpose is in, and a place our vision had to come to in order to expand. 

C. Q. Are you already hurt? And in a place of pushing through?

C.Q. Faithful is where healing is at! It’s a place we can be. I don’t want to reside in fear and hurt for always. I want to get to FAITHFUL with my fear and hurts and I want to turn them into healing. I’m in the place- the place of faithful. Where I’ll have everything I need. Everything I can dream about. Everything I know I’ll be blessed with!

PRAY: Healing come. We’re here to heal from something. We lift our arms in worship to lift the heaviness off of us that life brings. We build up resistance to the pain we’re enduring for this season. Healing come. Then we see that You are coming through. The King is in the shaking. He’s not leaving us for dead. He’s got a plan that involves living full, happy, satisfied, peaceful, successful. And we’re gonna get there! Amen.

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