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Enemy Loophole

Acts 13:30 says: “But God raised him (Jesus) from the dead.” There’s no loophole in Jesus for the enemy to enter in.

Jesus is alive after death! Though this is extremely powerful and it seems that nothing could get at us ever again- the enemy is trying to find a loophole! He knows he couldn’t keep Jesus down but he wants to keep you down. He looks for our disbelief of the powerful Truth. He looks for someone alone, currently not seeking God, or someone who’s tired and injured. I meet people everyday who are facing devastating circumstances. I myself have recognized my own fading strength as nightfall rolls around again and again! *When we are losing a fight or personal battle, we begin to contemplate turning to other things.* Then sin opens a door for the enemy- until we accept the power of God to turn us around. It might take some time but you can close up enemy loopholes. Seeing the wreckage of disobedience around us should cause a fresh desire to be women and men after God’s heart. In a quiet space, listen and let the Lord Himself tell you what openings need to be shut down that you may not have recognized before. Such as: Dead thoughts about God. Fear over faith. Disobedience over obedience. Pride over humility. Carelessness over boundaries.

When we’re not giving God our full obedience, we are showing what’s more important to us. The things that become more important to us, are often loopholes. God’s Word and God thoughts begin to escape us. We need our thoughts to resurrect, because dead thoughts deteriorate our faith.

The devil wants you to think that your inadequacies void your usefulness on this earth. He is wanting you to avoid your purpose. Enemy loopholes are to somehow thwart what God has already done for us! Our enemy lost the war with Jesus so he wants in by way of our irresponsibility. Don’t provide him an easy access into your life or an easy way out of the realization he must face- which is his ultimate torment and inescapable eternity. God has not made a mistake but as our enemy knows, we make many. The only way possible for Satan to get in, is if someone lets him in. Remember we are not in Heaven yet! Watch out and stay alert. What you may think is an angel, could be the masquerading lucifer.

Believe in the Victory Christ has given you!

Courage Question: How do we keep Satan out? Work on closing up the “loophole” and stay on God’s side.

Courage Quote: May we always be faith based people- not even allowing the little foxes in…! We have a vineyard to upkeep. Protect it and guard it.

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