Honesty,  Hope

Made by… God

Labels and tags identify, tell information, purpose, and meaning. Though we don’t have a little paper tag on us that reads: MADE IN THE USA, we’ve got something way better… qualities that can be read: MADE BY GOD. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by our Creator. No manufacturing company could produce the incredible variety that He has made! There are millions of products out there but there is only one you. When you think about how amazing this really is, are you challenged to walk the path of integrity and seek the “non-paper tag” Designer?

Some people don’t want to do this because they’re scared to represent God. But yet we are made in the very image of God. People remind us of this Gen. 1:26-28 “announcement” all the time, right? So if we decide not to represent Him in our lifestyle, we look a little funny! We are His. But we often don’t act like it. If we sincerely believe, we will express it in our lifestyle. We’re meant to worship unhesitatingly, rejoice excitably about what He accomplished for us, and live increasingly bold for the One that made us! Like our youngest son said so matter-of-factly one day: “I feel like it’s hard to NOT believe in something we were created to worship!” He’s exactly right. You might think you’d be embarrassed by being an imperfect example to people. But what about being made in the very image of a magnificent Creator, yet not living for Him? It feels funny not to. And. Once we finally give into Him, there is no freedom that matches it. His unseen tag is imprinted on us: “Yare” and “Palah…” We are stamped by God. People know it by our manner of living. We are HIS!!

Courage Question: Why pursue integrity?

Courage Quote: If we will keep pursuing a lifestyle of integrity, the Holy Spirit can make us a living example of what The Christ wants to do through each and every one of our lives.

He tags us to tell! He adds to us. He provides for us. He’s identifying us as His. He has given us value. He gives us freedom to choose who we want to be. He woos us to Himself to figure out things and seek Him for who we really are. We can’t just check the back of our shirt. It’s a lot deeper than that. We get to go to our Maker. Because we are His. Made by our God. Fearfully. “Yare” is the Hebrew word meaning to morally fear and revere, honor, respect, and to stand in awe of. Made Wonderfully. “Palah.” It means to distinguish, separate and marvel. Made with great wonders. In a way that inspires delight or admiration; extremely well!!!

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