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Throwing Lifelines

Extending hope in times of difficulty is throwing a life line. Saying a prayer is throwing a life line. Being there when somebody is crashing down, giving a person discipline and guidance in a time that calls for it, is being a lifeline. Having an answer or just pointing them in a right direction, is tossing a spiritual rope of life in their direction!

Human lifelines can be objects of obedience that act as pulleys. These “pulleys” are designed to support movement and change. They make it easier to lift what is heavy. They create a system of help that makes the difference.
A couple months ago, I was able to assist in throwing a life line and give someone courage at a time they were severely losing in life. It just so happened that this same person was the lady who helped me when I was struggling almost two decades ago in ministry and trying to raise three little boys. She came to our door with wet money after I had dreamed about a bundle of wet money! I asked her what it was for when she reached out her hand toward me. She said she knew she was suppose to bring it to me. The amount was $40. She had been grooming dogs all day. I couldn’t say that I didn’t need it. It went a long way. Now this same lady was needing something that I have.

Making an attempt to accomplish something is trying. We make an effort to do the thing that’s being asked of us. At times, we try over and over, again and again, until we are actually doing it. And by our own action accompanied with His strength, we are completing something! We are throwing life lines to people as we live a better lifestyle.

Courage Questions: What attempt are you making to stop refusing lifelines?? We don’t want to be the kind of people who refuse them right?!

Courage Quotes: Worship, giving, the preached Words of God, Jesus, overcoming power are all lifelines in every season. He provides life for us that we can offer to others too. He pulls us through and makes us strong for those we love.

Prophetic Truth for change: God can come dwell in your house. He can come through for a split second and leave things very different. A few weeks ago, a moment happened like this for me when I started thinking about the people at our church and those extending beyond it. There were at least four circumstances that were life threatening. I prayed quietly in my office. I knew He was there closely at that moment around mid morning of the day. There were other things that happened during the time frame that I was praying of which I didn’t find out until later on that afternoon and into the weekend. I felt the Lord leading me to John 12:46. It says Jesus came as a Light, that we wouldn’t stay/remain in darkness! The Amplified version is best. “I HAVE COME AS LIGHT INTO THE WORLD, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES AND TRUSTS IN ME ( AS SAVIOR- ALL THOSE WHO ANCHOR THEIR HOPE IN ME AND RELY ON THE TRUTH OF MY MESSAGE) WILL NOT CONTINUE TO LIVE IN DARKNESS.”

Prayer Point: Any prophetic things that are given, let us correctly walk them out before You- and with You. Thank You for supervising. For being our Good Guide! Our Father God. Thank You for throwing us life lines all the time. And thank You for allowing us to throw life lines as well.

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