Faith,  Hope

Daily Light

What is it that you are visualizing on a daily basis?

Light helps us see things. It makes vision possible. Years ago, there was a Vision Room at the church my husband and I are still at. The gold metal sign said “Vision” and it was placed there to remind people coming in to pray, that vision is important. Since then, the Vision Room has become a Stronger Women’s devotion class. It’s our “Sisters” room. Great bible studies and sharing of stories bring us to a renewed commitment to Christ and experiencing Life Change.

The vision for prayer has grown. Different people have interceded through the years. The vision never died. It is getting stronger and stronger. Lives are being led in godliness, hearts are being rejuvenated, people are creatively stepping into their individual callings.

Daily Light is what we’ve been searching for and sitting in! This Light is causing transparency. The light of life is the Light of the world. If you bring it into your life, it will light your world. It will brighten your situations. It will give you new sight for the blind. You will become part of the solution for those who haven’t met God. I’ve heard great men and women of God tell us to make room in our lives for Christ. When you have “room in your living” for Him, Jesus will enter your living room with His vision for your family, your business, your church, and your world.

His light is bringing vision on the daily….(Isaiah 60:19, Matthew 5:14, Rev. 21: 23-25) Don’t let vision die. Commit to create a place for His light to bring experiences that then fulfill a destiny.

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