Healing,  Honesty

Letting the Supernatural show…

Did you know there’s a supernatural side of you?!

Though I was a gymnast, cheerleader, softball player, on the track team, a J.C.Penny team board “model” once, and served in plenty of leadership endeavors, I honestly was not exceptional in any one thing, don’t extraordinarily stand out in a crowd, haven’t won awards for being photogenic, and never entered a beauty pageant. My parents didn’t care to have me involved in them and what a relief that was for me! This is just my story and for the most part, I was carefree and sporty. I attended church if we weren’t at the beach or if something else didn’t come up so I had not really tapped into my spiritual life that much. The only things that mattered was being active and healthy as I could be! Fun was defined as being busy with family and neighborhood friends and shopping with my Mom every now and then. As a youth I remember picking out bright colors to wear- they reflected the enjoyment of life – but life has a way of changing us into more serious creatures and I slowly faded into the blue, black, and grey tones. They seemed to match my new fears, worries, and doubts. You know what I mean?

Courage Question: Are you trying to find your way back to “carefree”?

The Light of Life is the brightest. All the colors of light are within us. They are a Supernatural shade and tone and can be seen in each of us!

Courage Quote: The Supernatural is a bright light. It can revive us and brighten our way. Allow it in to shine through you! Wear it boldly. Let it stand out!!

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