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Supernaturally standing out

Some people naturally stand out. Though it isn’t a problem for me to admit that I was made to be different, I am not the person who always said: “I was made to stand out!” Lol.

All I really am is an average person who met the incredible God. And He made me different. I’m not spectacular or even the better half of my marriage especially if you’re counting up who has the most followers on the socials! But when I decide that The Living God will move through me- once I become available to that, then The Supernatural is going to show up in some way. It’s my surrender.

Let me encourage you to let the Supernatural stand out. How? When we meet up with The Great I Am, HE becomes evident! We let Him be known and shown in the ways we present our attitudes and ourselves, and by how much spotlight we consume for ourselves or allow Him to have. People know what we are about by what we choose to let stand out. Be healthy, be happy, and be spirit led.

Courage Question: Has there been a time where you were afraid of standing out?

Courage Quote: There was a time when I was scared to be noticed. Especially beyond what is natural and normal…

** Let’s meet up here same place, same time next week! As we continue our series, I’ll share some raw emotions with you about a fear I had to work through.

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