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Let It Grow

What are you putting your faith into today that’s going to produce a harvest in your future?

Currently, me and my husband Derek, are putting money toward paying off our home! It’s a big goal to accomplish in the time frame of just three years. But what a great thing to do together- SOMETHING BIG. When we first asked each other how long it could take to pay our house off, it seemed like just a possibility to entertain. Now it is more than that! We wrote it down as a declaration and we see that our belief in it is causing our actions to follow suit. Once this is met, we can continue to work hard and then move toward greater things we know can happen for us. We want to grow greater.

In the days to come, we want to see visible growth in ourselves and other people we’re pouring into. Nowhere in the Bible does it say our faith and courage should stay the way it started. What God has put in us can become a vineyard of sorts. Just because you can move a mountain with it, does not mean that’s the most you can ever do with your faith! I’ve seen a mountain move in my marriage over time but do you think that’s all I want to see happen with our union? No. There’s way more.

Courage Questions: So what kind of courage are you providing and producing for your family to walk in and follow after you? When they look at me and you, do they see someone near us who’s growing in faith? If we serve the God of more than enough, anything’s possible.

Courage Quotes: Mustard seeds don’t give shade to anything. Life doesn’t perch on a seed. Those seeds are wanting soil and water and light. They are wanting to become greater. They are meant to produce more, just as you and I are. Let your faith grow.

*When we take a look at where our focus, energy, or money is tied up- we can then GROW GREATER: We’ll clearly see where we should free some things up in order to step into the bigger endeavors we’ve been longing for. Debt weight is one of the most discouraging and debilitating to our overall health and well being. It puts unbelievable pressure on a marriage. It can cause us to not enjoy our careers, our purposes, and our service to God. By changing a few key things up and making a faith declaration statement of change, we can see greater things than we are seeing right now. Once we get going on those new goals, we will notice a dramatic difference in the way we can live our lives to the fullest in the near future. It will be worth it!

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