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Me and Derek were sitting at a coffee house in Huntsville before going to our leadership conference classes. We noticed a poster on the wall with all the tags missing that said: Depression Study. He asked me what “De” pression means and I said that it means to be pressed down and not running over. I thought about how long it had been since I felt that dreaded, deep, and intolerable spirit. It made us think about the answers we have. It made us think of people specifically but also in general. It made us think about the heaviness in the world and recent deaths of some very special friends. 

In all the years of ministry, there probably hasn’t been a time that we’ve gotten more messages about hardships lasting so long, as right now. Covid has tried to cover the earth and it has brought a dark shadow with it. “Dimmers” show up and usually lower the brightness of light in our eyes. They can change the intensity of it but they won’t ever totally put it out. The Monday Mentor Facebook group exist to bring Light Awareness even in difficult seasons. THE WORDS OF LIFE BRING CHANGE. We now have a place for people to message us and set up a coaching call with me beyond the depression topic. This is what life change is all about…showing up to meet God as He comforts another person by Light. 

During mine and my husband’s thoughts on the topic of depression those few days, we ironically were being taught: “Keep the joy, Live in Faith, Preach on, Keep moving, and Toughen up” in the ministry meetings we attended. It was just what we needed to hear. But not everyone had the chance to sit under Dr. Mark Rutland’s teachings. Not everyone has parents and in-laws who care enough to support their growth in Leadership! Not everyone had the chance to focus on their marriage or have a couple great meals. Not everyone had the chance to sit in stress free conversation. 

This is what’s hard to do: Make yourself see what another person could be facing when you are not facing the same thing right now- Or to make yourself see the Light that Christ is, when in the hardest time of your own life! Leaders of Light direct people to New Levels, Higher Ground, Creative Purposes, and Inspiring Ministry. Let’s remind ourselves and each other to keep our heads up, to keep our hearts open, and to keep our spirits turned to God even in the hard times. Because the Bible teaches us that even in our sufferings, we get to win.

Courage Question: What “dimmers” do you deal with?

Courage Quote: We will put more light on darkness. Dimmers will never stop the Light of the World!

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