The Bottomline

Years ago when we were student ministry pastors, my husband named the youth group “Bottomline” Ministries.

We wanted youth to know and to think about the things that are truly important. We wanted to be sure they were taught that they matter to Jesus. We wanted to make it a habit for them to define Christ as the most valued relationship point in their life, to understand why He gives us meaning, and to believe He can bring them to a final fulfilled result one day- A hopeful outcome of living and being.

What Jesus said and did is still greatly impactful to the degree that we must focus our attention on Him if we’re gonna determine what our own lives will come to.

THE BOTTOMLINE IS THAT WE LEAD OUR LIVES WITH GOD AT THE TOP. This brings a filter to our lives that helps us stop, check, and determine who may or may not have the best influential effect as a friend, a future spouse, or a mentor. Find someone you want to learn from and regularly put yourself under their influence. Influence can be near or afar but they need to have some maturity, experience and an honorable manner about them as they share a clear message of truth with you. This sometimes takes years of development. There are all types of mentors and mentees. Do not listen to the lie that there is only one way to disciple! You’ll find the right path with God at the top.

Courage Questions: What do you want the final total of your life account to be? What will the balance sheet show? What has been your most significant discussions, considerations, and activities? What have you wanted to profit out of the gains and losses? What’s your main point or idea you want to be able to get across to people in the time you’ve got here? The ultimate outcome?

Courage Quotes: The totality of my life and words need to be thoughtfully pinpointed- not brainless and pointless. I’ve given it careful thought to put Jesus in my life and to lead a life that counts for God!

Prayer: Keep me in check. I don’t want to be thrown off balance. I’m self-evaluating! I’m making myself accountable. Lord, I just ask that You keep me surrounded in my inner personal circle by people with pure hearts and steadfast spirits. May I walk with You all the days of my life. May I be at peace with where You have me and where You take me in the future. My life is turned in Your direction. Amen.

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