Hardship,  Mentoring Series


After five funerals and another death within two weeks due to Covid, I was up throughout the night thinking about the families we grieved with. (Most of them had been a big part of our ministry through the years and great friends to Derek. Four of those amazing men are forever in our minds. Different ages and living in different places, we would have never expected them to pass within the same time frame. Curtis, Julian, Christian, and Keith! They were Light leaders. Unafraid of darkness. This was what they all had in common: Each of them were evangelistic in the most unique and effective ways. I can only believe that we are suppose to incorporate/ take their spirit and heart with us into the next part of our journey further beyond the walls of church. We believe our ever-growing media ministry is for a reason beyond us and significant in a much bigger way than we can grasp right now.)

Walking back and forth in our upstairs living room and asking what more could I give, how could I serve better with my writing and with the courage that I’ve been given…? The Lord simply gave me a mandate.

For 17 days, I would be specifically exposing darkness and the subject of depression. I would be offering my time to those in community who needed a little light. Each day brought a new person with great and dyer need! I shed Light on their path. I spoke wisdom that was given to me. Each day, there was and is new hope to be given. The last day of this mandate happened to be the beginning of the Assemblies of God Ladies Engage Conference in Birmingham. As I left a night service a bit early, a lady was outside bent over having trouble breathing. I stopped to check on her and walked with her to the kitchen to find some cold water that would hopefully stop her severe cough and wheezing. The young woman sat down at the table and began to explain her story to me from about four years ago at the same conference. She signed up to go with a church she had just started attending. Her plan was to end her life at the camp/conference. But she instead heard a message that turned her whole life around. She had gone through lung cancer and survived. She had been through many things. But God was leading her now. She faced such tragedy, fear, and dark patches. She’s dealt with asthma too, but God has been her light and her every breath. I was there to re-confirm these things to her in this moment of desperation and explained the cause and reason that God had me there with her. Of course this young lady had no idea about the mandate until that moment when we were together away from the crowd for a divine meeting. After re-gaining her strength and energy, she went back to the service and joined her ladies group.

Courage Question: Isn’t it interesting how God will often draw us away from a crowd to meet up with Him? Isn’t it ironic how He always shows us that “the one” still matters? Are you the “one” today or is it someone else near you?

Courage Quote: Let God lead you. The person God has put on your path may not have necessarily had a funeral recently of someone they love. It could be a moment of darkness, deep discouragement, or fear that they need a little extra light to see their way through.


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  • Judith E. Jednat

    Rick Long always took the time to Evangelize your Dad; no matter how long or how far he had strayed ! He definitely had an Evangelistic attitude ! The “ONE” still matters !

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