Faith,  Victory


When we know God, we don’t have a problem knowing He will pave a path of victory for us to step into.

He’ll secure a great place! He will send His favor ahead of us. He’ll be our recommendation! He’ll make sure to give us something to build a life on.

Since He’s got the plan, He also has the perfect dialogue that needs to happen for what you’re wanting to occur. That person who wants to do it for you but doesn’t have the means or the person who is able and has the means but does not have a desire to do it for you, they aren’t the ones. God has His finger on the one who will do it. And it is the part in the story plan that He wanted to write!! It’s His choosing- His creative story plan!!!! Get excited. Because God’s plan doesn’t have to include just the people you know. He can pull from any area of the world to get things done. His accomplishments never die down. They’re never over.

Courage Questions: Could it be that you and I have put our trust and belief in a person who is not the one to get the job done? Can we expand our faith in God’s ability and preciseness to set things up for bringing our deepest longings into actuality?

When you figure out He had it all along, this cool way of letting it all happen, you will get fired up about it. It’s gonna happen a whole other way than you dreamed up. Lol. Better. Way Bigger.

Courage Quotes: He makes dreams come true in special ways. He can make a quick “vision” become a huge and lasting reality for you and me. A hundred things might get in the way of it but nothing is going to stop it.

It’s HIS PLAN!! He arranged it/this thing in advance. He designed the details for you to excel. It is all in the plan. (Gen. 39:2-6, Phil. 2:13, 2 Cor. 8:9-15.)

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