“It’s a given”

You already know the answer. It’s a given…and when something’s a given, it is for our use.

The greatest things we can give to others have already been given to us by God. If you are a giver, you’re a changer and you can bring life to someone else’s situation. You can also give to yourself encouragement when you need it. The wisdom to humbly accept ourselves as a gift that God has given to this world, comes generously if asked for. (James 1)

Life Change, through Christ, has been our ministry vision for over two decades. Not all things need to be changed; but some do. Stop seeing age, height, color, or gender, as things that should be changed. They are not imperfections! They are not a problem to God. We can accomplish without whatever we think is missing, has expired, or was “unfairly” left out of our composition. Regardless- He imparted an identity to us. What normally needs changing is our attitude about what’s been given to us and to our world. Our hearts need changing.

How many of you have been tempted the way I was, many times over, to think that my differences were my imperfections that made me unacceptable? With that perspective, all I could see was that things would be better if God would have given me better attributes. At some point, I was able to decide that my differences are my given. I had to come to terms with those differences to make a difference in the ways for which God made me. Things we try to change but cannot, are probably some of our biggest blessings if we’ll let them be.

What can we do about the time in a day? 24 hrs. is the given. How can we change our age? Every b-day is a given! What are we going to do about the things we have a hard time accepting? Gratefulness is a given. What are we going to do about unforgiveness? Forgiveness is the given. What are we going to do about our sin problem? Christ is the given. We can accept His work on the cross. It was His cross walk and His cross-work that made it possible for us to receive the gift of love our Father has. Great love laid down His life. Great love is a given.

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