Did you know that you are being kept? In your daily life, Someone is keeping up with you. You can “lift your eyes to the mountains– where your help comes from…” Psalm 121

He’s “the Maker of heaven and earth.” Our Keeper. We look to Him Who is up all night! He doesn’t doze off or even sleep lightly. “He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.” This should give us all the permission we need, to ease into peaceful rest.

The enemy is hoping you’ll give up on your Keeper- The Keeper of your ideas, your deepest desires and biggest dreams. Satan is betrayer, attacker, and assaulter. God is overseer, guardian, defender.

One day, I was followed while jogging. Before I left the house, I had a distinctly different feeling and said something to my husband about it. On my way back, a man in a maroon vehicle rolled down his window trying to talk with me. Three times, he turned around and drove in my direction. That earlier moment of awareness kept me calmly looking forward as I planned to run to a neighbor’s door like it was my own. Instead, I called my husband and he and one of our sons quickly got into the car to come see about me. When the man saw me talking on my phone, he said one more thing and then was gone, never to be seen again. During those moments, I thought of how invasive this stranger was to my route that usually brings energy to me and is a time of refreshing for my soul.

Satan wants to keep us afraid. He’ll try one thing and dare it to destroy the rest of our plans for the rest of our days. Though I had to use caution and waited awhile before jogging again, God assured me of my position with Him and that I did not have to lose my footing. He’s held me as His own way before any harm came my way, and He’ll be holding me way after it’s all said and done! “I’m a keeper!” He has possession of me. I’m still in His hands, the hands of my Keeper. His watchful eyes are on my life. They “will watch me come and go, both now and forevermore.” This can be your declaration today too.

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