Endurance,  Faith

Is faithful a place?

When I think about faithful, I think about truth, promises, and loyalty. I think about Godly people, marriages, and long term integrity. I envision places where one generation followed the next. Where there’s been long standing business relationships. Where the old timers are still examples to the new comers.

…So, faithful can be the place you built your house after all those months of scraping everything together to make it happen. -The place you got married after all the moments of waiting and believing in one another. – The place your kids grew up after all the memories spent together as a family. – The place you made a wise decision after all the mental anguish that threatened the wonderful dream from ever coming about.

Faithful premises. Land. Property. Occupied by the faithful. Belonging to those who’ve sought quality, character, devotion and steadfastness. Firmly fixed in place. Immoveable.

THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD CAN BE IN A PERSON, PLACE, OR THING. IT CAN BE A VERB IN A NOUN. IT CAN BE ERUPTIONS OR SILENT SOUNDS. IT CAN BE HERE, THERE, OR ANYWHERE. HE CAN BE FOUND EVERYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE IS A LOCATION. A place of faithfulness is a place you’ll love!! It’s somebody you’ll grow to depend on!! It’s something you’ll enjoy over and over again. Faithfulness. I had to extend this topic when I found something special while writing about it. Be looking for the second part next Thursday 🙂

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