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My Short Story

GOD TRANSFORMS TROUBLE. Especially when we say: “I’ve done wrong and I am not innocent. But. No longer am I going to fall under the spells and spasms of fear!”

Here is the short version of my story…

Most of the time, a testimony starts with a hardship whether it was/is or wasn’t/isn’t our fault. I went through a hardship. I did wrong. I was troubled for a few years. I got into some relationships that weren’t the best. My life took a turn for the worst but then Jesus still caught up with me. (Even though I had veered off the path of the straight and narrow, He made His way to me anyway!) He still wanted me. He still chose me. And He turned me back around. He grabbed me out of a pit and resuscitated my life. I started depending on God more and more and more. I started attending church at Saraland First almost 30 years ago. I got baptized. He washed my sins away and I started calling on His name. The Holy Spirit capitalizes everything God says and for me, interprets it as complete, unconditional love. He turned me into a witness and a mouthpiece for Him!! Years later, a friend introduced me to my Pastor’s cute and smart son at church, and we dated. We were drawn to one another! And then married. I didn’t care if he was in the ministry or not but he ended up answering His calling and then I did too. We went through a lot of difficulties. But many incredibly great things too. My belief and love for God, Derek, our three sons, and church family- kept me in this thing. I am heavily invested in God’s work. His plan. His commission! I love where I’m at in life and grateful for what He’s doing!

I can definitely say that we did not follow our own path to get to where we are. (We would have sped up the process big time if we were the ones in control.) Today, you might need to set out to enter a new journey of faith. How many of you can say He’s turned you into a witness for His commission? Share your story of where you were and what you were doing when Christ transformed your own life!

* If you are in trouble spiritually, I’m asking you…What are you waiting for? Turn to Him so you can have understanding and healing. He can re-work your story. Hard headedness and hard hearts affect the ears, the eyes, our understanding, and our healing. Cut that fear loose from your life today. Give into Him. And you will begin to thrive. Amen? Amen!

Courage Question: Have you experienced God’s ability to do transformations?

Courage Quote: I’m going to fall into the peace and power of faith. I’m determined to reach a new level on my journey.

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