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In the pressing

One night when I got up to pray, there were some things I didn’t understand. At all.

But as I started praying, God started saying

“I allow the pressing. I press you to be your best.” Hence Heb. 12:10. “I don’t press you like the enemy does, where he traps and kills. I press you to be your best. I know what’s in you, I know what you can do, and what you are capable of. In the crushing, I’m making new wine. Be resilient. You’ll see everything coming your way during this time- every obstacle coming at you. In this trial. But you will stand blessed beyond any curse. I tell you to rise up and do not hide. Be courageous, not blind. Be ready, not unsteady. My Word says to only believe. And you will have it,” says the Lord.

When I am feeling conflicted, I’ll grab my bible and press it against my chest as if to get the words plastered on my heart. I am wanting to get it into every fiber of my system. In the pressing, I am getting as close to Him as I can. The “understanding” about the situation did not come that particular night like you might be thinking. However, once I hear from Him, the clashes and conflictions don’t bother me like they did. Why? Because. Just the fact that HE will speak with ME, encourages my next breathe, prayer, and my next moves. The conflictions don’t have to go away for me to continue to pray and for Him to begin to say! Having an understanding of His Word during that time of perplexing loss, provided me with something to give. An offering. He served me with answers that I could absorb and could also be absorbed by others in their state of bewilderment. When we surrender to what He is saying, He breaks new ground.

Courage Question: What is it that you’ve been trying to understand or comprehend? In a relationship? In a career? In another set back? In a health battle?

Courage Quote: If we will pray, God will say…

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