Experiencing God The Satisfier (Part One)

  • Does someone you know (Example: your kids) go and stand at the pantry and say: “There is nothing to eat”?! Do they stand in front of the fridge with the door wide open and say: “There isn’t anything here for me“?!

Have you known anyone that says those same things when they come stand in church? It’s just hard for them to see what’s there- what could be good for them? They wonder what is in store and where the hidden things of God are located. Sometimes we get focused on what is not there rather than what is.

Maybe we don’t see anything for us to experience or eat. Possibly, we are thinking as we stand in the pantry, at the refrigerator, or in the church, “I don’t see anything that I can do anything with.” Then a parent comes along and looks and says “I see some stuff we can put together here.” And- That’s what GOD is doing. He urges us to look again! He’s saying to us “I have spiritual meals in here. Open your eyes and see how you can put something from your heart, into the mix. We’ve got to stir it. We need the people who know some good recipes. We’ve got to have people that know how to make a spiritual meal, who come in to hear and they’re ready to eat. They are ready to add something in. They know God is up to something. He can make the meal just right for our taste and our liking. He pulls it together. He satisfies. (The same Sunday I shared some of what I am sharing here with you, our worship team sang: “There’s nothing better than You.” They sang, “Pour Your Spirit Out…” “I will build my life upon Your love…open up my eyes in wonder…fill me and lead me to those around me.” We had a demonstration of (1 Cor. 12) God’s Spirit, the meat of the Word, and prayer at the altar. A culmination of Life Change that was not discussed ahead of time. Each person was moved by God as they focused on Him.)

There are so many things that promise to satisfy us. It is alright to enjoy life and it has many pleasures but our lives require God in order to be satisfied. He is adequately sufficient for us. Psalm 91:16 & Isaiah 58:11 tell us as a promise, that the Lord will satisfy!

Courage Question: How long has it been since you experienced God and the satisfaction He can bring to your life? 

Courage Quote: Experience God- The Satisfier!

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