They act like they’re letting you run the race but they are really blocking your path. When we walk with Jesus, sometimes we wake up bad spirits that try to side-step us and get us derailed from the ordered steps of God. Stay aware of that. And intercede.

We need to do our best not to allow bad spirits to agitate us into speaking down about other leaders, ministries, and programs. Let’s spread the good things they are doing and accomplishing. My husband says there is no church or ministry that has 100% success rate.

Why bring out the failure, perceived misses, or “missteps?” I know no one who’s never had a clumsy or badly judged step, blunder, mistaken step, lapse, or indiscretion. We’ve all went wrong and have awkward fumbles sometimes! (I’m not speaking of major wrongs, threats, or harmful behaviors. Those may more than likely need to be exposed.) If we are not willing to talk with the person about how they lead and how improvement can happen, then bringing the subject up first in front of those who cannot do anything about it is solely being negative. It’s creating a bad picture. Innocent ears must be considered!

Courage Question: How can we be connectors and not competitors?

Courage Quote: In walking, we go forward. In stepping, we move upward. (Let God lead you in gradually stepping away from negative influences, disparaging comments, and dis-connective attitudes without becoming negative.)

Pray: In the stepping, cause me to see Your stepping stones! I know they will be those raised areas within deep or shallow places where I can cross. Despite blocks by the enemy that are meant to trip me up, I will walk according to Your will. Not afraid of making errors, for this is how I learn to trust You. It is how I know which way to go. I will progress daily on my walk with You.

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