“I’m praying for you”

What does “I am praying for you” mean?

It means I believe enough to take your situation to our Creator. He can do something: In your situation. About your need. When I pray, it tells someone else they should keep hoping! And it means that I want them and what they’re dealing with, brought to Jesus for healing in some way. My prayer goes beyond even what I can do for people. It invites God’s involvement. There is nothing more exciting than having Him with us. We’ve heard it said many times: “In His presence are answers.”

My husband mentions the praying hands emoji we use on all the socials to let people know we are praying. He challenged us to make a video of ourselves actually praying during the week for something someone requested and post it instead of just responding with the cute little emoji. Each time we give a minute to real prayer, what we speak with God about on behalf of another, shows care. Be generous with your prayer care.

When you say you are “praying” for me, this is what it means to me. It gives me knowledge of your agreement for something better to take place. It is the effort of helping see a turnaround. Prayers develop turnarounds. Are you the kind of person that thinks more about the prayers that were left “unanswered” or do you thankfully recall those prayers that were answered? During some of the most awful events of my life, I said a prayer. During the best times of my life, I have said prayers. And during the in- between times in life, I have reverted to praying. This is because I believe God has heard me and He answered. Do you believe He still hears and He still answers? It will be well worth your time to step into prayer today and everyday. The more we pray, the more chances we have of getting answered!

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  • Judith VanDevender

    I love this Courtney. I have to admit that I’m guilty of entering the “mr emoji” button. But I do try hard to take the time and pray for the individual requesting prayers. Especially if they give specifics. I think sometimes it’s the easiest thing to say “I’m praying for you” (on many occasions from people idk) I just let the Lord filter those prayers going up!!!! I will try my best to be sincere when someone ask me to pray for them. Keep up the good work Courtney.

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