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FUNdamentals in Family Life

Dr. Jerry Nance and Joe Phillips share funny stories and practical principles within their book (title above) to offer families hope. Two of my favorite quotes in the book are: (Jerry) “Words last a lifetime.” And (Joe) “Words live.” What are we going to do with our words and with our time? These two Godly men tell us how to make the most of family. Both of them have ministered and served the youth of this world in many capacities such as conventions, conferences, campaigns, etc. and widely through Teen Challenge! Let the challenges you face settle here a few moments. May you find great peace today in knowing our Savior cares.

Dr. Jerry believes the deepest levels of joy and fulfillment in life come because we make deep commitments. Great families take a lifetime of commitment! He also teaches that the greatest enemy for you to contend with in your marriage and family is selfishness. In his story of rescue from abuse and fear, Joe teaches that no matter what the current situation looks like, God has a marvelous way of resetting the screen.

You’ll be encouraged to find the fun in family life and build the family you’ve been given. Many people deal with so much dysfunction, they don’t know how to handle the holidays, vacations, or the days in between. Jerry suggests men to “read the settings” in making decisions that will bless and enrich the marriage and the home. These are defining moments. Joe advises us to “escort out” harsh words or attitudes that show up in our spirit. If you’re in need of transparent, personal, funny, real stories…this book is for you.

(Joe) “Joyless households are weak households.” From Nehemiah 8:10, we know that joy is strength.

(Jerry) “…there can be misguided assumptions that going to work is the only work. We own the responsibility to partner with our mates and invest in the shared responsibility of raising a family…children understand that words matter, time matters, and being there for them matters…kids need to know who’s in charge and that better be the parent.” What can you do today? “Fill your kids with hope- Encourage their dreams- Help them excel- Challenge them to be all they can be in Christ.”

(Joe) “I have purposed that I will not win the world to Jesus Christ at the expense of the humans that bear my name – Heaven only – Hell can’t have you.” I’m with you on this Joe!! And I’m with Dr. James Dobson when he says: “Your child may have a free will, but God has a thousand ways to make them willing.”

Lastly, I will leave you with this key principle from Joe Phillips: “Do correct…Our discipline is intended to redeem.” And I’ll end with this one from Dr. Jerry Nance: “If you as a parent do the reaping for your child instead of letting them reap according to their actions, you violate the Law of the Harvest…It’s far better for your child to experience a degree of pain for their actions, than for them- and you- to experience a lifetime of suffering for their bad decisions.”

* I can truly say this book came at a time in my life as a Mom that I needed to wake up and keep standing. I had sat down in a few areas that needed my solid stand or stance in reconnecting as a parent. Sometimes we just need the assurance of what we’re sensing in our guts! It will rekindle your love and passion for appropriate authority and the reality of releasing our kid(s) into becoming their own person. You’ll gain respectful and helpful guidance in leading them to the right decisions. This review brought to you by Courtney M. Draughon.

Here’s how you can get the book Fundamentals in Family Life for yourself or as a gift to someone else…contact Teen Challenge International- Southeast Region 706-596-8731. Email: You may also purchase the book on Amazon.

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