Spreading Hope

How can we spread hope? What do you have right now that can communicate, cover, and affect more people…with expectation and fulfillment for possibility, desire, confidence, and optimism?

If you sit with God, you’ve got at least three things that other people need. The verse in 2 Tim. 1:7 tells us what He’s given us. We need to see Power, Love, and Self Discipline in action.

Nothing has prepared me for the events in my life the way Love, Power, and Self Control have. We’ve been to many functions over the years. Spending some time with God ahead of our activities, can make them so worthwhile. Whatever He has planned and wherever we are headed in life next, we can take Power, Love, and a Sound Mind with us. I have them now but I am taking them into my next. I’m taking them with me. To spread hope, you’re going to need these three things in operation. We let God be in control and we do our part. It is your task to: “Do the work of an evangelist.” (2 Tim. 4:5) An evangelist proclaims the glad tidings. Good news needs to spread. Hope should be kept alive. God always has hope for you and in you. Our lives can reciprocate expectation and hope. We put our hope in God.

When we spend time with Him, we get what He gives. He hasn’t given us hatred or fear. He doesn’t give us the feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness; or a corrupt, chaotic and cloudy mind. Power, Love, and a Sound Mind are what we need for the very next thing that happens.

OK HERE’S AN ASSIGNMENT: Close your eyes and think back. Picture a neighbor that spread hope when you were a kid. They had light and love coming from their home. It wasn’t that they weren’t human- they definitely were. However, they always had something to give even if it were just a smile of encouragement or a friendly wave. Be that in your neighborhood. Display that hope to others. Have a neighborhood party. Prepare your house with the smell of good food and maybe some homemade desserts. Light a candle. Make a sign with information of the time and place for the party and set it out on the corner street to invite others. Get some other neighbors involved with getting the word out. Whoever comes, comes. Whoever doesn’t, take them a to-go box or let them know that you missed seeing them. Tell ’em why you are doing this. Not to tell them about getting to church but to spread hope around the neighborhood because of these trying times.

Recently, me and my family did this. You never know who may need the hope you have. A desperate need was brought up during our gathering that we are now all in agreement about. We are believing for a turnaround. You never know what your neighbor may be facing. Spreading hope while in a pandemic that is spreading illness, is just what Dr. Jesus orders. We’ve got Power, Love, and a Sound Mind! Who doesn’t need that???

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