Hope Restorer’s House

The Hope Restorer wants to restore lives. He wants to mend marriages, ministries, ministers, and much more. Our hope has been damaged in parenting, in marriage, in life – but it is still intact.

I want to speak to the people who’s hope has been damaged.

At the Hope Restorer’s House, we get to be fueled and re-filled. We get to see lives healed. We get to be apart of those who have need of their hope to stay intact! He can turn graves into gardens but sometimes we’ve got to raise a hallelujah. No it doesn’t have to be in a church setting but it often is going to be there where we take the time to be in unison with God’s body of believers.

Courage Question: Are we letting Him in? Whether at the house of the Lord or at our house?

Courage Quote: Once He gets started on you, there’s no stopping Him if we let Him in and don’t push Him out! Let’s let Him in. Let Him do big things church. Let Him.

Point of prayer: “Help me live stronger. Lord bring hope and life change. Put hope back in our soul. God let us get rid of the hopelessness and bring on hopefulness. We speak over marriages and couples who are seeking You. Lead them into hopefulness and out of helplessness and harmfulness. Away from turmoil and into Your Presence. At Your hand, things can change for the better.”

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