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Remarkable Things

… Worthy of attention; striking, likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. Rare and outstanding. Unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning. Exceptional, interesting, or excellent.

Remarkable things get our attention.

What God does is remarkable. Near the end of 2022, I had no idea all of this word’s meaning when I first felt impressed to claim it as the theme for 2023! Just sitting in our airstream camper for an entire day catching up with Him and life and all the things. Actually, I’d resolved in keeping our Christmas theme “simple and sentimental” the whole year. But there were other plans. Now I know those plans were much greater than I had thought. They were already in the making and I was given just one word as a hint.

Courage Question: Are you making time to look at The Word and sit long enough to get a hint from God about your future?

Courage Quote: I didn’t know the plans He had for me yet. HE KNEW THEM. And those plans are good.

As I took the time to pause in His presence hour after hour, a little word with big meaning seemed to “drop onto my lap” and into my spirit. And in my heart it felt right. It is what we are seeing in the lives of others and will see it for ourselves as well.

REMEMBER the world will make us want to: Put a “closed” sign on us. To remain unchanged by Jesus. To give up totally. To lower the things we dream of. To drop the standards that raise hallelujahs and turn graves into gardens. But we are all unchained by Jesus. We get our freedom from Him. We stay free by staying open to His Words and the work He does in us, around us, and through us. The disciples were doing things out of the ordinary and their lives became remarkable- filled with things that only God was able to do.

Declaration: RemarkABLE Things in 2023!!!

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