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Healthy Attention

Trying to gain a healthy focus when it comes to attention, can be one of the biggest challenges of all time.

Though I don’t normally put much emphasis on the physical, I am currently choosing to accept challenges that make me better equipped to bring in the kind of awareness or regard that could be used to direct others toward the One who can really help them. I’m finding the balance between extreme immodesty (too proud in speech, dress, or conduct) of culture and extreme modesty of religions, and in that- I am finding out how to let the supernatural stand out!! I knew it was possible but it’s been so difficult. There will always be challenges that try to defeat us!

When the church “ball” bounced in my court to console troubled and disappointed people by having talks with Christians and leaders about inappropriateness in certain comments, dress, or actions- It took its toll on me, affecting me in several ways. Who am I anyway? I felt like I was losing as a good example and that there would always be a double standard for Pastor’s wives in particular. Backup support when people began competing for a platform or position, was almost nowhere to be found. Unfortunately I was beginning to think that unhappy, uncaring, unloved people, men with pornography addictions, mistreated women, broken up marriages, and people who left church along with their tithe, were somehow the church’s fault. But the truth is that ignoring unhealthy attention seekers often made things worse for all involved. Are you ever frustrated that no one really wants to deal with any of it? (Let’s face it, amidst some of the greatest moments ever experienced, the range of inappropriate behaviors can be numerous.) It put a negative vibe within me concerning my own self image and partially damaged the healthy values we tried so hard to set in place as His church. HOWEVER, I knew the Supernatural still wanted to emerge!! It was still under the surface…getting ready to be the showstopper, to come out of the background, and radically change our lives.

Courage Question: Wouldn’t it be awesome to move beyond the wall of disputes and disunity, coming to an agreement of what’s going to be expected, implemented, and reinforced in the places we are responsible to lead? In a few cases, people just don’t care. But in many cases, people are just trying to do their best.

Courage Quotes: We can find a better approach to all of this! Let’s meet again here real soon and finish out this series with great confidence in sending the right signals out regarding and guarding the glory of God we’ve been meant to recognize. May it permeate from our lives and be undeniable. Amen.

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