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Distractions & Attractions- Part 1

During this rather long series, we’ve jumped into a tough subject about attention. Though it hasn’t been the easiest to write about, it’s just time to discuss it! Today, we’ll ease into the 2 part topic of distractions and attractions.


I think most of us inwardly have at-least a tiny or maybe an enormous fear that we could walk this earth and no one remember us or know that we were really even here. It’s just my theory of one reason or cause for us to want some kind of attention. May it be healthy. And when it isn’t…

We’ve got to discover that unhealthy attitudes and actions are nothing that God cannot help us with!!! The vibes of our values go a long way. If we want healthier relationships, we’ll find a better approach; we’ll set our eyes and ears on things that create healthy mindsets. Things that settle our spirit. Things that bring peace to our internal person and to others. Things that encourage us to guard good motives in honoring our God.

What’s “suitable or proper” for the the occasion of church or other events, circumstances, occurrences should be decided on beforehand. This means someone’s outburst isn’t a shock when it happens…

It is the whole body’s responsibility in learning how to handle distractions and attractions with tact. I could never keep up with all of it and shouldn’t and won’t. We are brothers and sisters developing maturity. Now when people come to me about these real problem issues, I am able to pass the ball to them and teach them how to navigate and win in a truly kind but bold way. Yes it’s difficult for the supernatural to stand out when the flesh is hanging out! But it’s also a true difficulty for the supernatural to show out when the flesh won’t ever step out! I’ve been through some drama and trauma with this but am settling in a healthy, hardy zone of the supernatural; I want to be “natural” at allowing Him to be Super! For me, this makes the most sense, when we look at the big picture especially. Teach awareness of healthy attention often, to the ones you mentor. You don’t have to wait til it becomes a disaster. Give them a strong cause and reason for the attention they will receive. Then be an example of how to receive and utilize it.

Isaiah 51:4 “Pay attention to Me, O My people. And give ear to Me, O My nation; For a law will go forth from Me, And I will set My justice for a light of the people.” WE’VE FINALLY REACHED A CONCLUSION! OUR FINAL POST ON THIS TOPIC WILL BE NEXT THURS. THEN WE WILL PROCEED WITH A NEW BOOK REVIEW ON LISA OSTEEN’S BOOK CALLED: IT’S ON THE WAY.

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