He moves me

“He stirs up the people all over Judea by his teaching. He started in Galilee and has come all the way here.” – Luke 23:5. Though Pilate found no charge against Jesus, the crowd always did. They accused Him, insulted Him, assaulted Him, and they charged Him with something that I find silly. Stirring people up.

They were basically saying that JESUS was ruining everything or “subverting our nation.” Wow. Jesus?! The One who knows how to respond to any emotion we have. The One who is not afraid of anybody else’s opinions. The One who stirs me. And you.

He made the crowd uncomfortable probably because they didn’t know what He would do next or how what He did next, would affect and change the people. They wanted them zombies. They wanted them unmoved. They wanted them unchanged and unemotional. But Jesus, He creates and revives feelings again in people!! He’s come all the way here to where you are today! Let Him stir you.

You’re going to be moved by His teachings. You’ll be equipped by the message of Jesus. You can be empowered to live the rest of your life strong.

Courage Question: Can you see Jesus unmoved in His disposition? Can you picture Him just as steady in His purpose but so passionately moved within His emotions for us?

Courage Quote: He moves me!! Because of what He’s done. How He’s done it. When He does it still.

People unwilling to take correct action and people against showing real emotions, have never had the power to shut Jesus down. He’ll rise from any down. He’ll succeed in any lack. He’ll triumph in any tragedy. He’ll make a comeback from any setback. He’ll stir up any stagnancy. May He stir this place up. May He move this people. I hope He causes us to take action, have feelings and emotion about life and life’s Creator. Through Jesus’ teachings, He wants love to be released. Because love is emotion that brings healing. When we hear from Him- when we hear about His life story, He wants us moved.

Maybe you can say this today… “I’ve been touched deeply by Him. I’ve been affected to the point of changing the direction my life was going. I’ve progressed in developing through His teachings.”

Now, we who have been moved must move others.

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