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Burnout ADVICE

Stop doing the thing that’s destroying you. Look at real solutions. Try not to devour one another in strife and flames of anger, in ashes of bad attitude aroma, in nothingness and emptiness. Start a statement of faith. A few words of pure and raw honesty need to be applied to the compartments of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state of being!

Make a change. Go ahead. Begin a forgiving, outspoken belief. Make a declaration of prosperity in all things. Do the hardest doggone thing you have ever done! Begin to do it well. And watch things evolve. Listen to renewed love- living better than burned out. Adjust the thing that is destroying you.

You may not want to read or pray. It may be a few weeks before you can just sit and dream. After a kitchen fire, there are steps in taking to clear out the air, etc. before new things can begin to be brought in! People with masks come in and inspect the area, the whole situation. It can get your spirits down. But look at replacements and what can be possible from this situation. The entire area can be re-worked. You get to have new things. You get to start over. You get to slowly recover. You’re not on anyone else’s watch right now! DECOMPRESS. Your best cooking, cleaning, serving, and working might just have to be put on hold. Treatment could actually take months. But get there again. Be infused with the energy that comes from life to full from life on empty. Sit. Listen. Dream! Face the thing head on that’s destroying you.

I’m extending an option that I’ve taken. People can say all day long to get well again but until they give you real answers, you could be falling alone in the sea of undertows. You could be drowning in the dumps of vacuumed answers. And dying within yourself from old burning fumes of what was. I ask you today, What is going to be? You get to reach out for something new…

Courage Question: When are you going to take time to do something for yourself? Why do you think you have to stay depleted?

Courage Quote: Put your vote in for change even if no one else does. You get to choose new things. Discover. Explore more.

*** If you are ready to bring your health and life up from the bottom of the list and finally put it at the top, here is the link to my New Level Health (free) assessment and I would be glad to assist you in achieving the goals you’re needing to reach! Simply fill this out at a time convenient for you. It will notify me and then we will set up a quick call to discuss what’s possible for you. Looking forward to seeing you win in the near future!! Let’s shift and overcome the thing that is destroying you. Let’s coach others in taking action and seeing big changes too.

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