Courage,  Impact

God’s Move

Say “yes” if you want God’s change, His move in you, ministry done through you, and the work of His Holy Spirit to be in the place you’re in right now!

Somebody is tired of being scared. What I am telling you is that we were too. You want to stop fear and the terror it causes you. I am here to say that you will. But. You must let God move you. Be open to making investments that show He’s in your life. Those investments will then cause you to feel him when He moves, whether you are in an actual worship service or on livestream in your home. Our middle son told me this very thing as we talked about God moving in our church; we know there is something on the brink of running over- It is good and it is big! Bryson runs our livestream and he is invested. Along with our oldest son Braxton, Braxton’s wife Holly who run cameras, and several other faithful crew hands! They are all tools being used to touch hearts beyond the church walls. They know that in order for God to go beyond buildings, He must have our investment. He must have a way IN to have a way THROUGH and OUT of our normal reach of influence. Investment brings impact. Each week, we have stories of someone finding our church, needing what’s being said, people explaining that they began to tithe and pray with us as they began to see the path for their life through watching livestream. It is a God move that we’ve invested a lot into, for lives to be changed forever. We are seeing the results of that investment.

Courage Question: Are you saying yes to letting God do what He can do through you? As my husband said recently, we have learned that: “When we are lacking power, we can look for The Holy Spirit. Because He’s full of power.”

Courage Quote: “Ministry is what God can do through me.” – Tim Enloe

We normally say that ministry is what we do for God and all that we are doing to serve people. But the definition above says it is what God does through us! Who’s ready for God to do this? Not just running harder after what more YOU can do or how busy you can look or how great you can be but what GOD will do when you finally agree for Him to move through the circumstances you are currently faced with. Time, belief, sacrifices, money, ability, worship, etc. are all investments that can get us out of our normal way of thinking and our normal range of influence. They connect us to feeling Him when He is near and when He comes into a room. When we put effort into what God can develop in people and places, there will surely be an exchange of some sort! We’ll sense the evidence of God moving!!! You won’t want to miss it.

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