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Changed and Challenged

My Pastor husband says: “Many times we leave a focus time with God, unchanged and unchallenged.”

We want God to change us. We know that Jesus is a Friend that’s more beautiful than diamonds. We’ve leaned in to learn more about the Holy Spirit. But what are we going to do with the verses that cross our path today, this week, or next Sunday?

There’s so much you can do with them: You can turn them into PRAYERS. You can turn them into PRAISE. You can turn them into a PAUSE. You can turn them into a PROMISE to declare. And you can turn them into a PLAN of action for your life! There’s five things you can do with the Word. P5!

Courage Question: Are you going to let the very next message you hear, change and challenge you?

Courage Quote: Focusing in on the Words of God can change what we’re doing with our life, who we are, and what we will become. Practice the P5 method for a change and a challenge!!

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