Gangster Prayer

In her book Gangster Prayer, Autumn Miles explains that when you don’t ask God for specific things, you are keeping yourselves from a level of knowing God that will transform your life. I get the feeling she really knows her stuff. She has a great way of connecting with readers on a personal level, with real life stories of her own struggles and successes. The book was an easy read from one chapter to the next!

Autumn says: “I began to understand that I was missing out on a world of possibility because I was too lazy in prayer and too comfortable with my faith. That challenged me to begin a prayer life that produced results. I wanted to be the one that got my prayers answered.” She describes gangsters as having a passion for their mission of evil and she wanted her passion for the mission of prayer to be greater. She wrote this book specifically for those who feel, as she did, hopeless in prayer and are wanting to see results.

Get to the next levels of intimacy with God! Gangster prayer is: “relentless communication with God that focuses on His might as the source for the answers we seek and on the gospel of Jesus Christ, which gives us access to that power.” Autumn continues to equip us with great information and insight with this statement: “Satan didn’t want me to pray because he wanted to keep me from the power that prayer would produce in my life.”

In Gangster Prayer, you will learn the symptoms of prayer neglect. You’ll find out the different ways you can communicate in prayer. You will know how to build a prayer language on faith rather than the shifting foundation of doubt. One night, Autumn describes how she felt after a repentant prayer. She said she could feel the debt of her sin being cancelled. She felt so free, loved and accepted. God had revealed Himself to her and His presence filled the room. The sweet presence of the Holy Spirit had come to minister to her. In her words, Satan is the nazi of freedom…

In my own life, I can say that I developed a hatred toward what kept popping up to destroy my character and integrity. I wanted and still want wickedness to be far from me! Prayer has become a serious desire for me. I’ve found it helps me deal with deep emotions, even strife, by keeping an open communication with God and other relationships. Though “a prayer meeting doesn’t Instagram well”, “our faith and belief in God is His will.” “Remember- God’s nature is to generously give when approached in faith.” Pray through “until your faith becomes sight!”

Autumn tells us: “Expectation is not just believing the thing will happen but watching for it…we need to get back to the posture of expectation. From now on, do not let your commitment to prayer be shown up by any mobster’s passion for evil ways. Be committed to having a gangster prayer lifestyle- one that stops at nothing and elevates God in everything.” If you’re looking for a great book read on the subject of prayer, you will want to get Gangster Prayer.

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