Alert and Sober

How do you stay alert when you’re tired and when there’s a lot of things going on…like Christmas parties, meetings, deadlines, new ideas and schedules for the new year?

This past week, a new message went through me and part of it had to do with being alert and awake as the church. It’s not the time to turn to a lifestyle of blur. It is not a good idea to give into a state of fuzziness, not knowing what is going on around us. Our world is fusing and meshing lines and boundaries that were once clear; our world is looking more and more out of sorts and zoned out. Thats the way some people like life or the way they have coped with what they don’t like about it.

Build up your resistance. Strengthen your backbone. Stand where you’ve been stood! Where have you been stood Sir? Ma’am? As guardian over your household? As protector over your children and your business? As watchman in God’s house?

“He will lift you up in due time,” 1 Peter 5:6- says. When you’re down, you won’t stay down. When you’re worried, you won’t stay anxious. The enemy is looking for someone who’s unaware of what’s truly happening. The ones being devoured are the ones not staying awake and alert and sober. Vaping, drinking, and drugging are all things that can put people in a fog. Don’t become the devil’s food, devil dinner or devil’s delight! Stop him from hunting you down as prey.

God has the power to make you strong again. Clothe yourself with humility and get honest. Throw yourself at His feet. There is a time limit to your suffering according to 1 Peter 5:10, 11. Be alert and of sober mind! Then the enemy won’t want to look in your direction.

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