Faith Living

What’s at the top of your dream list? Do you have a saying that you repeat to yourself in order to keep the hope alive for it?

I have many! One of them is a more recent declaration and is concerning this title. I open my arms as wide as they can go with my hands spread out, and I say: “I receive the Bigger Things. Lord, I am open to You.” I say this over and over in my prayer time and within myself and even under my breath throughout the day wherever I am.

I’m not going to doubt it. I’m going to believe it. Faith Living is living in faith. It is believing for something that’s normally outside our range of knowledge and ability to have!

Near the tip top of my list of dreams is to publish (in books, card-stock, apparel, and more) statements of faith from mentorship material that my experiences and love for God, have brought me to share. Being a passionate Christian writer for over two decades has afforded me opportunities to guide and advise those that come to me for direction. Ministry, marriage, and motherhood have all been a huge catalyst for developing in God. I want the hard work, research, prayers, and hours of service, to bring Life Change to people who are searching. I want the next generations to see the value in what I’ve lived and learned. I want the accumulation of what we’ve done and the purposes we have given ourselves to, to always be an inspiration for Faith Living in others!

Faith Living says… I’m not gonna discourage it. I’m gonna encourage it. I’m not gonna always withdraw. I’m going to deposit. I will not be behind. I’m going to get ahead. Everything that’s burdening me now will be what I stand on later.

Courage Question: What’s been burning in your heart that you know you’re suppose to accomplish?

Courage Quote: We can believe in good things because He is good and has good plans.

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