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Captivated or a Captive? Pt.1

Are you captivated or are you a captive?

Those that feel like a captive to the enemy, in an area of your life or like you’ve been taken captive by some thing, and you want God to captivate you… you want God to have control of your thoughts and actions… you want to be disciplined in Godly ways so that you can love your life, live the life you believe in, and live the life you are meant for!! -Those in need of prayers for being able to take captive what the enemy is trying to take you captive with, maybe alcohol, food, thoughts, emotional chaos, etc. Hey!! Don’t stay out of Heavenly peace or away from obtaining forward faith due to thoughts that God has given us the ability to bind. We pray those thoughts that come flying by to make us miss our Heavenly assignment will not make it. They will fizzle out. They will not cause us to miss our God given plan.

Taking something captive is not letting it get big. Not letting it get out of hand or out of control. When our words let loose, we could be letting “it”, the issue, get bigger. When we reign in our words, we get it under our control and let God have the control. I’m not saying that something big cannot be taken captive! It sure can! But it’s much easier to take small things captive before they grow.

Courage Question: How do we put something good into the mix and break out of the cages of criticizing ourselves by letting unhealthy things have their way into our head, hands, or heart?

Courage Quote: Jesus Christ has the key to every setback box. The Words of life are the positive force that our opposition does not want to compete with. I promise you! It wins every time.

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