Experiencing God The Satisfier (Part Two)

Psalm 34: 8 says to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” It just means to experience God, that He is in fact good. 

God is saying: “I’m a Satisfier. Experience Me.” We want people to experience a spiritual meal and think: This is what I always needed. This was what was missing in my life…to have the spiritual meals that will nourish my inner most being. He’s Satisfier.

A Prayer of Unity: (The church is a crockpot.) Show us what we can take out of storage, something out of the pantry, something we’ve been storing away, and put it on the counter. Something that’s in the fridge that we can pull out fresh, that we can mix together…Lord…that can be tasty. Then something from the freezer. That we can get out and thaw. So we can have some taste and seasoning and flavor, and good smells in this house! In the name of Jesus. Thank You Lord that You are our Portion and our Hope. Our Help and our Healing God. When we go down, You lift us up. Every time we call Your name God. Thank You God, that when we’re alone, we don’t have to be bitter. Because, You are with us. We don’t have to be negative about a bad situation, because You’re with us. You are going to be our Help and our Hope when no human can come along. You’re gonna be there. Have those flavors rise up and be satisfying for someone around us. Right now, we put a little salt on this thing that You are doing God! We stir it up within our souls. Within our hearts.

What YOU can do to experience God: *Whatever gifting you have, start stirring it up- Whatever you’ve been hiding in your heart that you need to give over to God. You need to turn it over. To God. Look again, in His Word. Stir it up. Let the SATISFIER do with it what He will. It says stir up the thing that’s inside of you

Courage Question: Again I ask you…How long has it been since you experienced God and the satisfaction He can bring to your life? 

Courage Quote: Experience God- The Satisfier!

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