“Full Of It”

We tend to tell people they are “full of it” when we perceive a know it all. I think we’ve all been full of it a time or two.

From Google: Someone who essentially sounds like or plays the expert, without the expertise. A person who reasons with clever but false arguments.

Exaggeration tends to come from us when we are looking for importance, wanting to prove a point, desperate to mask a problem, attempting to move passed pain, needing attention and connection, or just having fun with friends. Reactions from others drive us to overly expel blasts of information. Our rebel side wants to run with words, expand truth, and explode the ordinary, bringing participants into a celebration of self. Self flattery seems so much less boring than the simple, raw, and bland truth. The plan though, is not to rebel against the truth by making it what we want it to be or rush through certain truths just to find relief. It is to learn to love truth for what it is. Sometimes truth is painful. And sometimes pain is necessary.

Note to self: Learn what healthy truth is. Don’t seek to constantly change it or speed up what people may not yet be ready for. Let people go through pain without always offering what I think could be a great explanation or solution to regaining happiness. I am not the pain reliever. I am not The Knower of all.

What should we do with truth stretching? Find out next Thurs. ! Thanks for joining us here where we are growing better day by day!

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