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Distractions & Attractions- Part 2/Conclusion

My conclusion to all of this is that we all need a certain amount of healthy attention. To get our needs met, our desires may have to change somewhat. It’s not all about the supernatural OR the natural. It’s about BOTH because we are human with an everlasting God involved within us and around us! Our desires should be well balanced between what we need, what others need, and then topped with what God’s design is for us. In the mix of attention difficulties, are people who struggle with developmental differences that interfere with many relationships and are ongoing patterns of trouble and even discouragement. Each one of us probably have some type of “deficit” we are working through and cannot just shrug off. Eve had an attraction toward a distraction. And we are living the rest of the story. Let’s get to the bottom of it and begin making changes that will attract and not detract the people and things we need around us!

Courage Questions: What are you surrendered to? When people leave your presence or your page, what lingering inspiration will they have?

Courage Quotes: Your surrender will bring the supernatural. This is an impact beyond physical sensation. It gives people an experience of reason and purpose. Healthy attention brings in spiritual health principles and vice versa. It gives an overall healthy supply to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual attributes! Instead of shutting down, you’ll be fueled to keep going and to keep progressing positively!

*Declaration: I might be distracted a bit with what I am thinking, doing, or pursuing at times but I am in the environment of my God. He will see to it that I am fully aware of my surroundings. He will clothe me. He will supply my every need. HE SETS MY COURSE BECAUSE I LOOK TO HIM. He will set me and my family in a good place emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. My attraction grows strong for Him.

-Special thanks to all who hung with us here for this long series. My hopes are that you have new answers for things that come up in the future!! As always, thank you for participating in The Monday Mentor where we are getting the Word to the world together. Next Thurs., I’ll be sharing a Book Review on: It’s On The Way, by Lisa Osteen Comes

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