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Captivated or a Captive? Pt.2

Are you captivated or a captive?

Nothing should be exalted above God. That’s captivation with Him. We see that He is our All and All.

God gives us the power to take captive big or small things that exalt themselves above Him, however isn’t it much easier to do that when they start rather than wait until they are so big, we feel we can’t capture them?!

If we bad mouth something God is trying to do and bent on not going His way, we are giving freedom to the wrong thing. We are essentially giving flight to and empowering and letting it free to do damage in our life and the life of others. Instead of taking it captive, you’re releasing it. To do some type of destruction. We’ve all done this. But now we must work at not doing this. Creating a habit of stopping it before it goes that far. Taking it “captive”. You can take captive what is keeping you trapped. You can trap what is trapping you and tripping you up.

HERE’S A DECLARATION of being captivated by God…

God holds my attention. He has my attention and my affection. I am drawn to Him. His greatness, His beauty, His excellence. Everything about Him fascinates me! He puts the excitement in my life and holds my interest. There is nothing that has the power over Him. Nothing in my room. Nothing in my car. Nothing at my job. Nothing in my life. I give God the rights to my heart, my head, my spirit, my physical body, and my whole person. That I may live in goodness, freedom, and peace. I won’t be detained by the enemy when I give myself, my thoughts, my actions, and my agenda, to my Lord and Savior!

Courage Question: Is it possible to be so captivated by our God that we are absolutely able to disarm (take the weapons away from) the dark side when it comes to hold us hostage?!

Courage Quotes: Lord, I’m going to fill my life with You today. Together let’s take captive the things that exalt itself against the knowledge of You. We don’t just need peace with ourselves, we need it with our Maker. Our Creator. Our faith Originator. You!

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