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Worshipful Fasting

Worship is where life change begins. It is where addictions can be broken. Where heartache can be eased. Change can happen. If you add fasting and prayer to worship, it grows in magnitude. Multiplies and exemplifies everything you are seeking God for!

On Sunday- before, during, and after worship, I had a strong feeling to just wait a moment and take in the value of each sound. Every sound that it takes to hear worship. And the value to be able to speak over our own soul, the words of worship! THE WORDS OF LIFE ARE COMING THROUGH THESE SOUNDS. We have a greater sensitivity while we are in a fast. Most fasts are unseen and untold. Due to so many who have never fasted, some fasts must be seen and told! And it isn’t to be glorified within ourselves, but to glorify God. Queen Esther could tell you so much more about this. When people are included in a fast, they can partake of the richness that comes with believing and seeing the breakthrough. They can then do more worshipful fasting on their own when prompted.

By worshipful fasting, new direction comes quicker. We become stronger. Able to do things we wouldn’t normally do or things we couldn’t do before. We will see the flesh take a back seat. Our enemy is reminded of his position. We will see God move and shift things!!

Courage Question: When was the last time you did a fast? Was it a worshipful kind of fasting?!


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