Courage,  Hardship,  Hope

Part of The Good News

If you think you can never get free, you have not heard what I’ve heard.

It’s a big part of The Good News: Freedom is available!!

Whatever misery it is that you’ve come up against, you can find peace and freedom to take you through it. We don’t always just get over things. We usually have to go through them. There will be a period of time where “it’s” all you can think about. It’s suppose to be a time of grief and feeling the losses that come with life. They happen to us all. But then there should be a healthy shift of processing the thoughts, feelings, emotions, through faith and healing. Where a smile returns. Where joy is in the present scenery of the hardest days.

There is a lens of heaven. There is a filter of miracles that are available even before the miracles happen. That is a big part of The Good News! You can live in the ways of God. Even if your parents didn’t live it. Even if your Grandparents didn’t live it. Even if your cousins, Aunts, and Uncles and friends haven’t chosen to live it yet. You still can.

Courage Question: What are you giving the world? When they are sick, fearful, lost, angry, and torn?

Courage Quote: Give them His love. Give them God’s Son. Give them The Good News.

* I don’t have to give the world my son(s). I need to give the world God’s Son. And in giving them Jesus, they can and will have eternal life! I can hear Jesus saying “I’ve decided to love them.” In all of His actions throughout the Bible, He was saying this. No matter what people did or how they lived. The Good News is really good.

-Always move FWD beyond fear, worry, and doubt! TM

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