“Working the kinks out”

My morning regimen of getting the soreness out of this almost forty-four year old body consists of several things that take up to 10 min. and are well worth it. If too much time passes without me wisely including much needed stretches, a spiky sport ball for my feet and the foam back roller my husband introduced me to, the day begins to knot up from the get go. Literally from my neck down to my toes, will feel out of whack. Many a day, that roller thing saved me when I had no time for the chiropractor and when my fam didn’t know quite what to do to help. After working out the kinks, I’m practically as good as new! Anyone who knows what I’m talking about, is thankful to have found creative things conceived in the minds of those who have insight into working out the pinches, cricks, and kinks!

Matthew 1:20 says ” what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.” Through the Holy Spirit, Mary was found to be pregnant. This was before the wedding and before she and Joseph came together. There was a pre-made pledge between them…a solemn promise, guarantee, vow, commitment, security of the obligation. And that’s all they had…a plan they agreed upon together.

Sometimes there are twists in our plan. We can bank on the fact that there will be a bend or loop in our beautifully self organized journey. It’s because what’s conceived or planned, devised, originated, created, developed and formulated before us, has a will. That will can override us. We can choose to flow with it like Joseph and Mary did. If we don’t learn how to flow with this will that’s not our own, we may be under-towed, tossed by the waves of life’s storms. It’s how life unrolls and unravels, kinda like a kinked water hose that’s bulging. We keep going. Hoping the kinks will work themselves out because there’s no time to tend to em. Yet the water supply is cut off and is no more. So we must go back and check things out, fix things if we can, and continue watering what needs to grow. To fix the kink in our life hose, we have to go to Jesus. And once that is straightened out, there is a free flow that saturates and lifts our spirits.

For what seems to be backed up, jacked up, unthought out ridiculousness, can turn into a one up, rise up, totally well thought out fortunate happening. We don’t have to be stove up, bruised up and crippled up when we can be freshened up, freed up and released up! Gone are the days we need to be pent up, held up and bent up. It’s time to jump up, put a fight up and win up. Put our chin up. Not sure where that just came from but maybe something has been conceived…begun, created and formulated from the Holy Spirit within this blog. Maybe He can cause something to be birthed in readers and writers that save the minds and bodies of fainthearted or dark-hearted people trying to find their way. Maybe there are people who are wanting to unclog the difficulties they’ve found themselves in. We sure can find ourselves in some tore up situations in life. Not because we are horrible but because we do want better but we tried to frame up our own “structured” houses when we have no business building upon things that will not last and we have been told so!

1 Sam. 12:20 says …”do not turn away from the Lord”…. God uses Samuel to unkink some things that have begun to happen around him. When we, as society, turn away from God, there are obvious signs of a lack of flow that begin to take place. And God notices. Samuel cried out to the Lord on behalf of the Israelites, that He would rescue them from the hand of the¬†Philistines. Before that, the Lord declares to Eli: “The time is coming when I will cut short your strength and the strength of your priestly house…” because Eli honored his sons more than the Lord and he scorned His sacrifice and offering that He prescribed for His dwelling. The Lord goes on to call Samuel, raising up this faithful priest who will do according to what is in the Lord’s heart and mind. He said: “I will firmly establish his priestly house.”

In Matthew (chapters five, six, and seven), some major kinks show up. Hate, greed, hypocrisy, darkness, sin, unfaithfulness and prayerlessness come up and proceed to stop up the channels of love, light, honesty, generosity, saltiness, prayer and faithfulness. When we put His words into practice though, we dislodge the enemy’s restriction meant for death of good things and the greater things to come. If we want to be referred to as wise, we’ll have to build our house on the rock. However, if we forget what His words are to us, we will be like that other house. One is built to last. One is built to crash.

I was “that” house. The house(s) built on sand are foolish builders who use the principle of building the way they want to without putting the Lord’s words into practice. “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against ‘that’ house, and it fell with a great crash.” Maybe in your life, the rain has come down, the streams have risen, and the winds have been blowing and beating against your house. Maybe you know what it feels like to drop, plummet, plunge and tumble into disaster. Maybe you have slipped, stumbled and collapsed in a heap on the bottom. Possibly, you know what it is to have descended, been defeated, deflated and struck down. You fell. We all fell. We have fallen short. We all failed to attain some sort of level or degree expected of us and proved inadequate of something we tried to do. Yes we caused disappointment. Sure we collided with a force that slammed us and hurled us into a wall. We suffered from it. We were smashed up, piled up, derailed… wrecked. But we don’t have to keep falling. We weren’t meant to continue hauling, dragging, pulling, heaving, lugging, towing. He saves us from the weight of our sin.

God can rebuild something on the property of your heart. He can replenish the soil in your soul and best of all, He furnishes you with a Rock. His name is Jesus. Let Jesus change your perspective by allowing spiritual conceptions into your life plan like Joseph and Mary did. This became their new course. Everything else had to work around it. All other things were arranged in the order of Jesus being first priority. Today you can pray for a new beginning: Lord let the land under my feet become strong to build. Surround the landscape with buildings that suit You. I want to accomplish the plan You had all along for my life. I declare that I will be able to say from here on out: “The rain came down, the steams rose, and the winds blew and beat against this house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” You are establishing us. You have saved us from our sin and are fulflilling what You said. We have our flaws but we accept Your ways of getting us to completion. We trust You to work things out. Amen.



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