Life and Peace- Part 7

“…the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:2-11

Being governed by the Spirit is telling our flesh “you’re not in control anymore. I’m putting God’s Spirit in charge and from now on, that’s who you’re listening to and you’re going to experience peace and fulfillment.” The Bible says Jesus was weary or “tired” from the journey. And we know He did not go with His disciples to get food because they asked Him later in John Ch. 4 about eating. He made His flesh wait in order for the Spirit to have His way and perfect timing. Wouldn’t it be great if we got irritated when we haven’t shared Christ enough- instead of when we haven’t had enough of our favorite cookies to eat?! How are we going to train the next generations if we won’t surrender anything? It’s wild how we all go in different directions when it comes to our needs: the woman at the well had relationships she looked to, the disciples had food they were in search of, and Jesus filled up by helping others fill up. He knew he had to go through Samaria so He wouldn’t miss the special “appointment.”

A few months ago, I had a three second dream and woke up to someone running their card through for me. I was standing in line holding a kit kat bar. As they stepped right in line in front of me to pay for something so simple, at that instant I woke up and saw Jesus clearly in my mind, paying something for me. He paid a debt I built up and acquired to the point even from the start of that sin debt, I had no way of paying it off. I owe Him my service. He let me have a sweet life that I don’t deserve. Troubles look different from the Spirit’s view. That green card doesn’t work in the Spirit realm like it does here on earth. When we’re in need of being saved or re-filled spiritually, spending time in the presence of a Savior becomes much more important than all other interests. Committing our lives to Jesus can safeguard us from becoming uncommitted to the right things and relationships up ahead. Then when pain comes in the future, we’ll have Life and Peace to hold us up and keep us steady. The Samaritan woman didn’t know at first who she was talking to! But as Jesus kept talking, her spirit welled up as the tears in her eyes welled and she felt inside what He was telling her. He was giving her a spring (where the living water originated from) of water ..welling up to eternal life. He was extending this gift to her. And all she did was go to a place thirsty. He knew her. Something was quenched. She now knew Him and not just knew of Him. Truth kept coming and coming from His mouth. She felt worship wanting to bubble up from a deep place within her that had been covered up. She was speaking with a Person/man of the purest motive. I imagine she took a deep, deep breath and let out a much needed sigh of relief.

Once the encounter happened between Jesus and the woman at the well, she “left her water jar.” I remember some things I let go of that I use to go to or put my interests into, to try and fill up. They were great for my flesh but not so great for the spirit that was being carried around in my flesh! Still, there are moments I’m not sure what to do with myself lol. How about you? You may have what you need physically but you need some things in the Spirit. Can you say “10-4”? We’re gonna leave our old life, lay down our obsessions, build a reputation with God (like Cornelius did in Acts 10:4.) and create a new realm around us because it’s not about the physical all the time and because our God is Spirit. We press on with the grace God gives us each and every day! His grace is coming to you right now..reach out your hand to Him. Open up your heart towards heaven. Lift your voice and head up. Rest your cupped hands on your lap and ask for Jesus to fill you with that mighty Spirit. You’re gonna make it. His grace is coming to you. Just as the woman was nearing the well, Jesus was making His way there too. Maybe you’re on your way to Him now. Or maybe somebody you know is longing to find Him where they’re headed right now. The living water was passed from Jesus to the Samaritan woman and from the Samaritan woman to the people in town. It says “they came out of the town and made their way toward Him…many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony. The Samaritans came to Him and they urged Jesus to stay with them and He did, two more days. And because of His words many more became believers. They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”



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