Faith,  Impact

Weekday Worship

One day during the week, I was worshiping for a few hours as I sometimes do. While cleaning and cooking and singing the songs that mean a lot to me…

As I started worshiping and kept sending my praise throughout the house, saying and praying words from some of the songs our Worship Team does, something started to happen.

I felt pain trying to find its way out of my body. I felt unrest and agitation wanting to leave me. I felt discouragement go. In my own personal time as I kept worshiping the Lord and Great King, the One great among the nations, that deserves respect and admiration. Him. That’s when something shifted around me. I knew I was/am becoming healthier! In those moments, I knew there were better things coming to me and I was and am making room for them to stay.

After two hours of singing with all my heart, I felt that sickness didn’t want to get near me. I felt that loneliness and legalism and religion never want to know me. I knew the enemy had abandoned the plan he was wanting to accomplish with me and my family!!!! My worship made fear go away. And my worship made powerful gladness come.

Courage Questions: What if your kids start hearing your worship rather than your worry? What would that do to your family, your spouse, your co-workers, your customers? How would they begin to live and what would they begin to believe about the Lord who saved you and redeemed your life from the mess that it had become?

Courage Quotes: They will hear you say, I’ve sought the Lord and He’s heard me and I trust Him. He’s the One and Only God. He’s The One Who pulls me through every storm, every time!

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